The Videdressing guarantees

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  • Authenticity Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Protection for buyers & sellers
Anti-counterfeit checks

Authenticity Guarantee

Buy your high-end and luxury items in complete security thanks to the Videdressing Authenticity Guarantee.

If you’re nervous about your item being a counterfeit, let us put your mind at ease: at Videdressing, the fight against counterfeits is our fight.

Using the technology we’ve developed, with the help of our anti-counterfeiting team, we can detect counterfeits before they are listed on the website, with an efficiency of 99.9%

For the remaining 0.1%, rest assured, the Videdressing guarantee is valid for life. If you have any doubts, our anti-counterfeiting team will be happy to check your item, because there’s nothing like the real thing!

Money Back Guarantee

After all, everyone has the right to change their mind.

Was your night out on the town cancelled and you’ve find yourself with a pair of sequin trousers in your arms (or even on your legs)?

Don’t panic. Videdressing is the only second-hand platform to offer you the benefit of a Monday Back Guarantee which is valid for 2 full days after receipt of your item, and for most brands*.

You simply have to request a return and return the item with 48 hours. We will reimburse you as quickly as possible, so that you can go back to finding your perfect fit item!

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Protection for buyers & sellers

Protection for buyers & sellers

Buyers and sellers deserve the best.

Since 2009, no less than 1.5 million users have trusted in Videdressing to renew their wardrobe.

Therefore, the sellers have already earnt more than 100 million euros, whilst the buyers have saved on average 67% of the sale price. Better than the lottery and a raffle combined.

And thanks to reviews left by users, you can launch into your Videdressing adventure without any worries at all!

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